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Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Home-Study Program

Registration is open!

Click here to download course information in PDF format.

How Will Hatha Yoga Transform You?
Will you experience clarity? Focus? Awakened to your life's purpose?

Immerse Yourself In Yoga Practice
Yoga is a practice to ignite inner and outer transformation. Yoga practice increases strength, flexibility, and balance, as you rediscover yourself and your ability to create lasting joy and fulfillment.

You can journey from student to the rewarding world of yoga teaching through our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Home Study Program. Transport the comfort of your own home to a calming, supportive, environment, with learning structured at your own pace. Our program offers superior comprehensive quality at an affordable rate. Whether you are looking to deepen your personal practice or teach professionally, we equip you with the essential knowledge, skills, and certification required to successfully reach your goals.

Embody Your Inner Teacher
Our course is an extensive, 12-month home study program, providing over 250 hours of instruction in hatha yoga, teaching skills, anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy, and more. Our curriculum empowers you to fully integrate the many aspects of yoga through audio lectures, reading assignments, printed lessons, and study guides. Our highly qualified instructors stay in communication with you by phone or email, and offer the vital guidance needed to help you discover and cultivate your unique teaching style.

We do more than prepare you to pursue a rewarding yoga profession – we inspire you to create greater meaning and impact in your daily life.

Advantages of the Temple of Kriya Hatha Yoga Certification Home Study Program

  • Deepen and expand your own practice from the comfort of home
  • Superior comprehensive quality at an affordable price
  • Over 30 years of experience serving as a leader in highly effective training
  • Program is flexible and adapts to students special needs
  • Course materials available online or in hard copy
  • Highly qualified teachers who embody the principles they teach
  • Personal support from a highly trained, caring advisor
  • Begin or deepen spiritual pursuits
  • Increase awareness, confidence, and communication skills
  • Begin a new career path in a rapidly growing field
  • Support of the Temple community


2014 Retreat

  • November 6-9 First Optional retreat - Techny, IL

2015 Retreats

  • March 26-29 Second Optional retreat - Techny, IL
  • March 29 - April 1 Alumni retreat - Techny, IL
  • July 16-19 First Required retreat - Techny, IL
  • November 5-8 First Optional retreat - Techny, IL


Tuition for the entire course is $2495 and includes all CDs, study guides, Asana manual, lesson plans, reading materials, guidance, and retreat instruction. Please note retreat travel, room & board are not included. A tuition deposit of $995 is due at the time of registration. The remaining tuition can be paid quarterly. If you choose, you may pay for the entire course in advance and receive a 10% discount of $250 reducing your tuition to just $2245.

Digital Format - The course materials for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training are also available in digital format. The written lessons, as well as the audio teachings, can be downloaded to your computer. Course books will be shipped to you.

Tuition for the digital format is $1945 if paid in full at time of registration. If you prefer to submit your tuition on a quarterly basis, a deposit of $695 is due upon registration, with three additional payments of $500 due at the beginning of the second, third and fourth quarters.

Shipping within the Continental U.S. is included. Please contact the Temple for international shipping information.


No previous knowledge of Hatha Yoga is required for the Hatha Yoga Teachers Training and Certification Home Study Program. Enrollment is limited! Register now to assure your place in the class.

In order to enroll in this course, please submit your completed application to the Temple, in addition to submitting your tuition payment below via our Secure Server.

Click here for more information about the structure of the program.

Note: The Temple recommends students only be enrolled in one home study program through the Temple at a time.

Register me for the course,

Interested in enrolling between sessions? Contact us at kriya@yogakriya.org to learn more.

5 Lessons from the Program

Check out our blog for a glimpse into the Temple's yoga teacher training program. Here are 5 lessons from the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

Students are saying …

"The Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program was a life-changing experience for me. The course provided me with a firm foundation for how to structure and sequence poses, which has given my asana practice much more focus and direction. The instruction in anatomy & physiology and yoga philosophy was comprehensive but presented in a way that made these areas accessible and easy to understand.

When I enrolled, my goals were to deepen my own practice and to learn more about yoga. Actually teaching hatha yoga was not something I necessarily thought I would want to do. However, after going through the program, I felt prepared to teach and have greatly enjoyed sharing the vast benefits of yoga with others.

Taking the step from yoga practitioner to teacher has been a very rewarding one, and I am grateful for the training and guidance I received from the Temple of Kriya Yoga."

Lara P.
New York, USA

"The Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Home Study Course gave me the opportunity to learn at my own pace, but was structured enough to keep me disciplined and on target. The information I received was well organized and impressively put together. The tapes of Kriyanada's teachings were very inspirational and rewarding. THIS IS WHAT I HAD BEEN SEARCHING FOR!"

Camella N.
Mountain View, California

"The Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Home Study Course truly changed my life. Through the program's teachings my personal practice was significantly deepened and even now, I find myself returning to the printed materials and tapes and constantly finding new information to increase my growth as a student, and a teacher."

Sherry T.
Delta, Colorado

"I can say without a doubt, that the programs and instruction I have received from the Temple of Kriya Yoga have changed the course of my life - everything from knowing how to safely teach a yoga posture to being able to clearly see and solve problems in my own life. The knowledge and support from the Temple has given me the ability to achieve my own happiness."

Parri W.
Overland, Kansas