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Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Click here to download course information, syllabus and sample printed lessons in PDF format.

"What I learned at the Temple is that the entirety of yoga is far greater than what is learned in an everyday yoga class. The Temple’s teacher training program teaches all 8 limbs of yoga - a series of techniques to help bring peace to one’s life. This is a program that teaches not only the poses (limb 3), but also breathing techniques, meditation and sense-withdrawal. This is a program that offers its students a lifetime’s worth of tools to find contentment and serenity in the ever-changing and sometimes confusing world in which we live."

Ellen Chambers, recent graduate

About the Program

For over three decades the Temple of Kriya Yoga has been a leader in providing high-quality in-depth training to those who aspire to be yoga teachers. Each fall, the Temple offers an extensive, 9-month program providing over 200 hours of instruction for certification. This program offers you the opportunity to fully explore the 8 limbs of yoga and develop your potential as a teacher in a positive, supportive environment under the guidance of an experienced, dedicated faculty.

Experience practical, hands-on training in hatha yoga while cultivating the theoretical knowledge necessary to take the rewarding step from student to teacher. You will be provided with the necessary tools and techniques to successfully teach a wide variety of students. Learn how to structure and create your own practice, develop greater control of your body and mind and gain an increased confidence in your abilities as a teacher.

This course can be one of the most important experiences of your life. Over the years the Temple has trained hundreds of students in the science of yoga. Many of these students are now using this knowledge to teach, to support themselves, to refine their own spiritual practice and to help others to develop a life of greater health, happiness and wisdom. By enrolling in this 9-month training program, you will reap innumerable benefits which will last a lifetime!

Advantages of the Temple of Kriya Hatha Yoga Certification

  • Superior, comprehensive quality at an affordable price
  • Over 30 years of experience serving as a leader in highly effective training
  • Program is flexible and adapts to students special needs
  • Deepen and expand one's own practice in a supportive learning environment
  • Easily accessible by public transportation
  • Highly qualified teachers who embody the principles they teach
  • Teachers offer additional time and support at no additional cost
  • Begin or deepen spiritual pursuits
  • Tuition includes free attendance to all hatha yoga classes offered at the Temple for the duration of the program
  • Increase awareness, confidence, and communication skills
  • Begin a new career path in a rapidly growing field
  • Build lifelong friendships
  • Support of the Temple community

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Course Curriculum

  • An overview of the Classical Yoga System
  • Underlying principles of alignment in asana practice
  • Related anatomy and kinesiology
  • Developing a personal practice
  • Pranayama and breathing practices
  • Subtle anatomy: Nadis and Chakras
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Structuring classes
  • Sequencing asanas
  • Communication skills
  • Observation skills
  • Student teaching
  • How to establish yourself as a yoga teacher
  • Ethics for yoga teachers
  • Yama and Niyama: The Yogic Lifestyle
  • Kriya Yoga Philosophy and meditation methods
  • Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita
  • Introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Mantra and chanting

Our Certified Instructors

Agnieszka Miskiewicz graduated as a 500-hr E-RYT with the 2003 In-House Level II Program.

Gosia Ryzewska graduated as a 200 RYT with the 2007 in house teacher training.

Gosia teaches traditional Hatha with strong principles of alignment (bones and muscles are the starting points in hatha yoga), breath and mindfulness.

Program Structure

Bi-weekly Saturday classes from 8:30 a.m to 2:00 p.m. beginning Saturday, September 19, 2015 through June, 2015.

Requirements for Certification

A Teacher's Certificate will be awarded to students who have met the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated their proficiency in the practice of asana
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the underlying principles and practices of yoga
  • Demonstrated their ability to structure a yoga class, sequence asanas and apply the communication skills needed to teach
  • Successfully completed the assignments
  • Attended class regularly and in a timely manner
  • Attended two Temple of Kriya Yoga retreats
  • Fulfilled all tuition commitments

Kriya Yoga Seminary

Two Weekend Retreats

Two 4-day yogic retreat will take place in November 2015 and March 2016.

Cenacle Retreat and Conference Center
513 Parkway
Chicago, IL 60189

November 12-15, 2015
March 17-20, 2016


Tuition includes retreats, text, books, mp3s and printed assignments.

Tuition if paid in full:

Option 1: $3,595 if paid in full by July 15, 2015

Option 2: $3,795 if paid in full by August 15, 2015

Tuition Installment Options:

Deposit $2000 (not including $100 application fee) upon enrollment with three quarterly installments of $665.

*This plan must be set up in advance. Please contact us for details.
*A signed promissory note provided by the Temple of Kriya Yoga is required.

To Enroll:

Submit a completed application, along with your tuition payment, to the Temple (attention: HYTT In-House). CLICK HERE for the application.

Use the "add to cart" button below to check out through our secure server.

Register for course,

Have Questions?

Information Sessions are held in May 16, June and August where you can meet the teachers and fellow students. Call the Temple at (773) 342-4600 or email kriya@yogakriya.org with any questions. Temple business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Please note: No previous yoga experience is required. However, it is important to maintain a personal practice as you progress through the program.

General Information

Program Structure
Course Curriculum

5 Lessons from the Program

Check out our blog for a glimpse into the Temple's yoga teacher training program. Here are 5 lessons from the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

Students are saying …

"During my teacher training at the Temple of Kriya, people often asked me what kind of yoga I was being trained to teach. To be honest, I would have had an easier time answering this question before I started my training. My answer would have been “vinyasa” or "Bikram" or "flow" - the answers that those people would have expected me to say.

Now that I have completed the training, what I have realized is that this question in and of itself is somewhat confusing. What I learned at the Temple was not necessarily a "kind of yoga". What I learned at the Temple is that the entirety of yoga is far greater than what is learned in an everyday yoga class. What I learned at the Temple was far more incredible than Downward Facing Dog.

The Temple’s teacher training program teaches all 8 limbs of yoga - a series of techniques to help bring peace to one’s life. This is a program that teaches not only the poses (limb 3), but also breathing techniques, meditation and sense-withdrawal. This is a program that offers its students a lifetime’s worth of tools to find contentment and serenity in the ever-changing and sometimes confusing world in which we live.

If what you’re looking for in a yoga teacher training program is a quick fix, the Temple might not be the place for you. If what you’re looking for instead is a life-changing journey that will open you to a new way of perceiving the world, look no farther than the Temple of Kriya."

Ellen Chambers
Chicago, Illinois

"I began my journey of self exploration when I joined the Temple of Kriya's Hatha Yoga In-House Program and the journey has been ongoing with continued excitement even after graduation. This programs offers intensive detailed aspects from anatomy, proper skeletal alignment, to the history and philosophy of yoga, that is taught by highly educated experienced instructors.

The teachers are welcoming, warm, compassionate, and committed! They are always available with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration when personal challenges are being faced, and no student is left behind. They teach you concepts of 'living your life of yoga' on and off the mat with realistic ideas that you can incorporate in your every day life. They are dedicated to the program, their students, and it shows in every class they teach! I thank them daily for their guidance, patience, and tools to follow the path of being a yoga teacher.

'A great teacher always remains a student. As a yoga instructor you need to remember the challenges you experienced as a student and how you met them.'

Kathy Jo Kelley
Chicago, Illinois

"For many years, I dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher. I wasn’t sure what getting the certification would entail but finally took the steps. I signed up for the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program offered at the Temple of Kriya Yoga.

It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. The teachings, the instructors, the organization and surroundings exceeded all my expectations.

We, the students, were taught, nurtured, offered help and challenged. The program changed my life without a question. Not only did I learn how to become a yoga teacher, but my personal practice became regular, deeper and is now continuously evolving.

Thank you to all the wonderful teachers, apprentices and staff. You make a big difference in this world."

Brigitte B.
Interlaken, Switzerland

"I found the Hatha Yoga Teacher’s Training program at the Temple of Kriya Yoga to be an excellent introduction not only to Hatha Yoga, but to the broader philosophy and practice of Yoga. The instructors were knowledgeable, helpful, and encouraging. The course is well designed, and interactive. You are given the opportunity not only to develop your yoga practice, but to teach it effectively to others. The facility is spacious, comfortable, and relaxing.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming a yoga instructor, as well as to current yoga instructors who want to deepen their practice and improve their teaching methods."

Jeff T.
Portage, Indiana

"As a recent graduate of the in-house 200-hour Teacher Training at the Temple of Kriya Yoga, I look back on my experience as a very meaningful time in my life. I have always felt warmly welcomed at the Temple and joining this class deepened that connection to members of the Temple, people who are genuinely caring and compassionate.

Certainly the training is a significant commitment of time and focus and the expectations are high. At the same time, I've never felt pressured to participate in any of the additional esoteric or spiritual celebrations; I've felt welcome, but not obligated. The physical training was excellent: careful and serious, not easy but rigorous. As the oldest member of the class I felt challenged, but never beyond my physical capacity. My classmates and I all really enjoyed each other's company, especially on the weekend retreat, which for me was the highlight of the experience.

I'd like to go through the training a second time! It is not a slight commitment and its benefits -- physical, psychological, spiritual -- remain with me."

Sheila B.
Grand Rapids, Michigan