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Meditation Teacher Training
Home Study Program

Meditation is a tool to unlock inner focus and clarity. A journey of self-discovery, meditation improves health, reduces stress, and deepens understanding. The gift of meditation is not what you can attain, but what you can remove. Meditation helps you release destructive thinking patterns and attitudes to revitalize your life.

As a seeker, you can establish and sustain your own meditation practice, or teach professionally with certification from the Temple of Kriya Yoga.

Click Here to download course information, syllabus and sample printed lessons in PDF format.

Have Questions?

Register and begin your studies at any time. Call the Temple at (773) 342-4600 or email kriya@yogakriya.org with any questions. Temple business hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Please Note: No previous meditation experience is required. However, it is important to maintain a personal practice as you progress through the program.

Our Instructor

All audio material is taught by Goswami Kriyananda, the Spiritual Preceptor of the Temple of Kriya Yoga. Swami Pranananda is responsible for leading the program, and will guide you through the course and see you on retreat, with other Temple swamis.


  • Home-study course from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace
  • Offers the ancient techniques from Yogic, Buddhism, Christianity, Zen, Agama, Shinto and Sufi traditions
  • Learn mantra, primarily Sanskrit and fasting – verbal, food and sleep
  • Tuition includes both hard copy materials and access to online community/materials
  • Retreats provide in-depth one-on-one training
  • Upon completing requirements you will receive a handsome certificate and cover
  • Free Wednesday Night Meditation at the Temple. All levels welcome

Program Structure/Materials

This 12-month home study program with one retreat required for certification includes books, audio and written text and lessons, MP3s and DVDs. Students will receive some hard copy materials and as well as access to the Temple’s on-line education portal. In order to complete certification, all homework must be submitted on line for review.

Weekend Retreats

A four-day meditative retreat at Loretto Center in Wheaton, Illinois will take place over a weekend. Two retreats are held per year. Attendance at one retreat is required, but you may attend more if you wish. At the final required retreat after having completed months 1-12 of homework, students participate in teaching.

2014 Retreat Dates

May 8-11
October 2-5

Retreat Fees

  • $425 for a single room
  • $375 for double occupancy
  • $175 for commuters who would like to take meals with the group
  • $95 for commuters not taking meals with the group
  • Retreats provide in-depth one-on-one training
    All meals are vegan

Program Tuition: $1495

Tuition options

Option 1: Deposit of $495 upon enrollment with two quarterly installments of $500

Option 2: Pay in full at time of enrollment. Your tuition will be discounted to $1345.

To Enroll: Submit a completed application, along with your tuition payment, to the Temple (attention: MTTP). Click Here for the application. You can make your tuition payment via our secure server.

Register me for the

Students are saying …

"The Meditation Teacher Training program truly helped me deepen my practice and gain a greater understanding of the vastness of the subject of meditation.  The insights gained from taking this training gave me the courage and confidence to pursue my life’s dream.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to experience the beauty and unlimited potential a meditation practice can bring into one’s life.

Now I’m using this valuable program to help others."

Michelle G.
Colorado, USA

"The Temple of Kriya Yoga's Meditation Teachers Training Program prepared me to serve and respond to Life in a more compassionate and wise manner. The teachings and meditation practice are an essential guide in effectively caring for many who are facing the losses of love or loved ones, poor health and/or the death of the body.

I am deeply grateful for the teachings that Sri Goswami Kriyananda and his lineage and disciples have labored to bring to us. My daily meditation practice has brought great blessings and unimagined happiness. If you want to draw more wisdom, joy and serenity into your life, I encourage you to study the mystical teachings of Kriya Yoga and commit to a daily meditation practice. Deepest Shantis, dear friends."

Marti B.
Naperville, Illinois

"Without hesitation, I must admit that enrolling in the Meditation Teacher Training Program has been one of the best decisions that I've made in the fifty-nine years of this present incarnation. It is very difficult for me to find words that would adequately express the joys of learning more about meditation and my physical, intellectual, and spiritual self."

Mark L.
Indiana, USA

"The Temple of Kriya Yoga Meditation Teacher Training program deepened my practice, gave me a new perspective in how to live my life and provided me with the fulfillment of being able to help others with a variety of meditation techniques. The curriculum is based on the wisdom of a master, and excellent preparation to teach. This Meditation Teacher Training provided me with skills I will use for the rest of my life."

Sylvia E.
Chicago, Illinois

"The Meditation Teacher's Training Intensive was one of the most informative and helpful programs I've ever been involved with. I learned about meditation as well as gaining insight into myself, and have been teaching meditation classes regularly since I graduated in 2001."

Mark N.
Delray Beach, Florida