Temple Services

Prayer Group

The Temple's Prayer Group is available to offer meditative prayers for balance and healing. Prayer requests may be submitted for one's self or others via email, by phone or in-person.


Join us each week for Sunday Noon Meditations at the Temple in Chicago and on select Sundays via the Internet. The Temple also offers a weekly meditation practice session on Wednesdays in the Chapel. All are welcome. Learn more

Marriages, Baptisms, Other Services

The Temple offers spiritual guidance through its ordained swamis. Temple swamis perform marriages, baptisms, funerals, and house blessings upon request.

Astrological Services

The Temple of Kriya Yoga offers astrological guidance with a uniquely spiritual approach. Because the Kriya Yoga tradition emphasizes the importance of karma in each individual's life, our astrological consultations interpret your chart as a map of the karma you have to work with in this lifetime. They can offer ways to soften difficult karmic influences and how to take advantage of positive planetary cycles to improve both your daily and spiritual life, bringing the two into closer harmony. Learn more and schedule an appointment

Personal Ritual for the Departed

The Personal Ritual is a chance for you to remember, honor and send blessings to departed loved ones. Goswami Kriyananda has provided an audio recording and written document to explain and walk you through the ritual. You do have the ability to make a difference in the lives of those you love who have gone before you, and this ritual is a path to doing so. Access the materials

Festivals and Special Events

The Temple holds a variety of festivals throughout the year. For a schedule of past and upcoming events, click here.

Please contact us about Temple services by phone at: (773) 342-4600
or write us at:



Oh! Infinite Lord, Thou knowest better than I that which the world needs. It is for this and this alone that I meditate. I beseech You to bring it into their lives surely, swiftly and most harmoniously!

Oh! Infinite Lord, Thou knowest better than I that which I need. It is for that and that alone that I meditate. I beseech you to bring it into my life surely, swiftly and most harmoniously.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantih