January 27th

Service begins at 10:15am

Sunday Services are free and open to anyone interested.

(workshop is $35 online $40 at the door)


The Process of Creation with Swami Mahashastrananda

Swami Mahashastrananda

Swami Mahashastrananda

From one came two, from two came three, from three came all else.  In this Lecture we will look at the process of creation, in which the Self-Existent One projects itself out in steps to cause the physical universe

Music & Mantra

11:30 AM

12:00 pm Noon Meditation

“Concentration and Meditation Leading to Samadhi” Swami Pranananda

The spiritual life is a series of steps, taken each and every day. The repeated practice of concentration gives one the skills to attain a meditative state. And, in time, the meditative state will lead to Samadhi; union with Life. This noon meditation will share the practice of some steps leading to the oneness with Life.


1:15 Pm Workshop

“Introduction to Astrology”

with Swami Mahashastrananda

Astrology is a science that connects those of us on Earth with the Cosmos, and this seminar is set up for the beginner that has no knowledge of astrology. You will be given key words to describe the 4 basic parts of astrology: Planets, Signs, Houses, and Aspects. Utilizing these key words, and with the tools you will learn in this seminar, you will be able to construct simple phrases to describe the personality of any astrological chart that you hold in your hand.

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