The Annual Blessing for the Departed

Sunday, October 28th

Mantra meditation will begin at 11:30

The ritual proper begins at noon.

This day is a day in which we honor those loved ones, human and animals, who have departed the earth.Through your focused attention, prayer, joining in group meditation, chanting and offering of blessings to those who have departed.

You are always welcome at the Temple of Kriya Yoga.  This ritual is appropriate for anyone regardless of their background in yogic traditions, or their religious affiliation.

  Through this ritual, you are able to send your blessings to your loved ones to help improve their lives.  Your love, your remembering their goodness, their good deeds and their importance in your life will be felt by them and will bring ever greater improvement in their new lives.

As you bless those whom you love who have gone before, you too will be blessed.

In yogic terms, there is no such thing as death.  There is only change of form and unconsciousness.  This is why the practice of meditation is so vital, to help you and I to remain conscious regardless of the changes of life.  As you remember the good deeds of your loved ones, they will hear you and again become conscious of their goodness and their good deeds of the past.

Love Offering

There is no love offering for this ritual.  If you chose to make a love offering on that day in honor of your loved ones,  the offering will be used to sustain the Temple.


(Available ONLY during the time of the Event!)

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