Kriology is the philosophy and methodology of Kriya Yoga, which you can use here and now to improve your life. The goal is to bring greater clarity of purpose and meaning to your life, to nourish and heal your mind and body, to soften your karma, and help you attain your spiritual goals. Includes more than 66 audio MP3s and more than 300 pages of text in PDF format.


The Moon rules the emotions and has a monthly cycle that, when watched, gives us wonderful clues as to the nature of Life. The Moon is a symbol of the soul (the memory) and a symbol of change: psychologically, emotionally, biologically and otherwise. Understanding the Moon is key to better understanding your present emotional patterns, as well as your experience of, and response to, the ever-changing world in which we live. 12 MP3 recordings.


Sri Goswami Kriyananda shares deep mystical insights in this superb series of Sunday afternoon lectures, which were recorded from live Internet broadcasts in 2011. The "Awakening of the Ajna Chakra" series consists of 17 audio lectures, and includes: practical guidance for the sincere seeker, mystical theory, as well as methods and techniques for opening the third eye of wisdom.


This four part lecture series given by Goswami Kriyananda addresses the importance of turning inward to become more aware of consciousness in order to discipline the mind and soften the heart. This allows one, in this lifetime, to neutralize constrictive Karma, to find wisdom, joy and contentment and to help others find the same. 4 mp3 recordings.


This series of 5 lectures by Goswami Kriyananda teaches you how to find meaning and purpose in your life by breaking free of chains and connecting with life more fully and more completely. The techniques described lead to self improvement, self unfoldment and a happier life. Goswami Kriyananda refers to it as “Attaining “KA” or Kriya Awareness. Through Kriya Awareness you learn that the answers are within YOU, not in the heavens, in a book or in the mind of the Guru. By improving your own life, you improve the life of those around you


The in-turning of your consciousness through meditation is the key to attaining enlightenment. 10 audio recordings in MP3 format.

"The Mind:Body Complex"

4 MP3 recordings. Part I. Overview: Understand the nature of the mind and how to free yourself from the emotional impulses of the mind. Part II. The Subtler Sector: Understand the deep causal link between thoughts and the spoken word and learn steps to attain greater mastery of your earth life. Part III. The Quiet Mind Sector: The path to the deep silence of the mind, including practices to attain the skill to walk that path and move to the next stage of self-mastery. Part VI: Your Breath is Your Bridge: Learn to break free from subconscious thinking patterns, suspend thinking in order to give way to intuition.

"Esoteric Astrology"

Each soul is a traveler in time, each life a unique and evolutionary cycle. This program is designed for students with a working understanding of astrological symbolism. It explores how karmic patterns are revealed in the natal chart. 26 MP3 recordings

"New Awareness"

Through this series of lessons, Goswami Kriyananda guides you through the processes of gaining deeper awareness of your life. These teachings will help you to improve your life immediately, at the very moment of listening and practicing, as well as in the future. 6 MP3 recordings.

"The Chakras: The Garden Of God Excerpt"


Explore the wondrous anatomy of your subtle body, the chakras. Understanding these creative centers of consciousness is the key to transforming and recreating your life on every level. This course presents techniques and insights previously only transmitted orally from teacher to student. 17 audio MP3s and a 620-page PDF text

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