"Concepts in Esoteric Kriya Yoga"

In this series, Goswami Kriyananda discusses the foundational concepts of life and how to apply them to oneself, as well as the nature of the soul, karma, rebirths and the gunas. 12 audio recordings in MP3 format

"The Sacred Apprenticeship: The Guru-Disciple Relationship"

This special spiritual relationship is central to several Eastern traditions, yet remains an enigma to most Westerners. Whether you are seeking a spiritual teacher or simply are curious about the nature of this spiritual bond, you will find this program fascinating and informative. 6 audio MP3s and a 150-page PDF text

"Dreams - How to Study Your Symbols"

Learn how dreams serve as a guide to the inner-self and can be used as a tool for enhancing self-understanding, self-esteem and self-confidence. Gain insight into important family, work and love relationships. Cultivate vivid dream recall and the ability to work with visual symbols. 7 MP3 recordings.

"Guidance on the Path"

Guidance on the Path is an excellent series of live Sunday Noon Meditations by Sri Goswami Kriyananda. In this 12-part series, Sri Goswami offers his profound wisdom and insight for those upon the spiritual Path. The series also includes mystical techniques to help seekers find greater peace of mind and contentment.

"Samadhi - The Royal Path to Enlightenment"

Goswami Kriyanands expounds upon the topic of Samadi, the state of meditation in which the blessings of bliss, wisdom, happiness and insight manifest. When this state of consciousness is attained, it is attained in a millisecond of time. Once attained, it will never be forgotten. That is one of the marks of a Samadhi state. Once you have experienced a millisecond of Samadhi, that which the Samadhi reveals is yours forever. The experience of Samadhi stays with us, no matter what other experiences or states we may be experiencing on the surface of our mind and sometimes at a deeper level. 5 audio recordings in MP3 format.

"Beginner's Guide to Natal Astrology"

Your natal chart is a symbolic representation of the karma you work with in this lifetime. Learn to understand astrological symbols, as well as gain the ability to see yourself and others from a new perspective. Sri Goswami Kriyananda brings over sixty years of experience as an astrologer and teacher, allowing him to take you a step beyond what most beginning courses can provide. 4 MP3 recordings and an 84-page PDF text

"Exploring Inner Worlds: The Astral Projection Seminar"

For centuries, mystics have left their physical bodies to explore higher planes of consciousness in the astral worlds. Many people have glimpsed these realms through dreams, illness, or spontaneous awakenings. In this seminar, Goswami Kriyananda discusses the self-disciplines, techniques and training necessary to intentionally transcend the physical body and consciously explore the inner realms of the astral. He reviews methodologies from Yogic, Sufi, Buddhist, and Kabbalistic traditions and suggests clues to identify which method is best suited to you. 7 MP3 recordings.

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