"Kriya Yoga and Depth Psychology"

This audio program by Goswami Kriyananda is a fascinating discussion of western psychology from the perspective of Kriya Yoga and mysticism. It focuses on the work of three pioneers in the field of depth psychology - Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Alfred Adler. 19 MP3 recordings

"Mantra and Your Mind: Integration through Sound"

Mantras are thought forms that generate specific vibrations and stimulate the mind. Their vibratory sounds feed oxygen to the brain, prana to the chakras and awaken spiritual consciousness. Mantra can be used to soften confining karma and manifest positive karma. Goswami Kriyananda is assisted by Swami Pujananda for this seminar. 5 MP3 recordings

"A Mystic Looks at Genesis"

A mystical interpretation offering insights into the hidden significance of this sacred book of creation. You will be taken chapter by chapter through the text of Genesis, exploring the patterns and processes of creation which are mirrored in you and the creation which is your life. 12 MP3 recordings

"The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis"

Journey back to the lands of ancient Egypt and Atlantis with Goswami Kriyananda as he explores the spiritual mysteries of these ancient cultures. 8 MP3 recordings.

"Your Emotions: How to Transcend Them"

Learn techniques to manage, restrain and transcend your emotions, deal with everyday pressures, and defeat anxiety and negative thinking. 5 MP3 recordings.

"Walking the Spiritual Path"

In this inspirational series, Goswami Kriyananda discusses how to harmoniously balance your daily living and find greater peace of mind and happiness while walking the path to cosmic consciousness. 6 MP3 recordings

"Kriya Yoga: An Esoteric View"

This seminar offers help in finding the true purpose of your everyday earth-life. Learn how complications arise as a result of an overemphasized everyday mind, and how to rise above these complications. 3 MP3 recordings.

“Kriya Dharma Series”

In the "Kriya Dharma Series," Goswami Kriyananda offers the keys to overcoming some of life's most common emotional challenges. In these lectures, Goswami explains how to move from fear and dissatisfaction, to peacefulness, clear seeing and greater fulfillment in your life. 14 MP3 recordings

Dreams: Your Magic Mirror

This seminar teaches you how to interpret the hidden messages in your dreams, develop a conscious dreaming practice, and benefit from the creative solutions and insights contained in your dreams. 4 MP3 recordings

“The Chakras and Energy Transformation”

Both science and mysticism teach that you are the primary creator of your life experiences. In this seminar, Goswami Kriyananda teaches how this creative process takes place. It is through the inner dynamic of the chakras that you create, sustain, and dissolve the conditions of your life. 5 MP3 recordings

“The Fundamentals of Kriya Yoga”

Explore Kriya Yoga as a practical philosophy for building a meaningful and harmonious earth life, and a solid foundation for spiritual awakening. This vital seminar was one of Goswami Kriyananda's most popular ever with his students and disciples. 4 MP3 recordings

“Strengthening Your Immune System”

Learn to direct your innate life energy to increase your vitality. Goswami Kriyananda discusses mantra, meditation, affirmation, visualization, and dietary techniques for taking responsibility for your own health. 6 MP3 recordings

“Philosophy and Methodology of Kriya Yoga”

This book and set of five recordings give specific techniques of concentration, meditation and contemplation to help you to penetrate into the astral worlds, or your own subconscious mind. The goal is to expand your consciousness of your internal worlds, revealing the laws and forces that control you and your daily world. Book and 5 MP3 recordings

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