Interview with Goswami Kriyananda Part 2

Do you feel that self-discipline can help someone get rid of emotionality?

G.K: I think it’s the only way.

Say a person has emotions, say, anger?

G.K: You have to let it go. Let go of that, let go of those negative emotions, breathe deeper, and hold in the mind the opposite thought which is love, loving kindness, patience, understanding. And trying, on a second level, to peer deeper into the meaning of life past just the 70 or 80 years that most of us have.

We have 90 years. We spend 30 years growing up, 30 years dying, so it gives us only 30 years. Of that, 10 of those years are in sleep, of the other remaining years 10 of those are at work. So we basically have 10 years to accomplish any real accomplishments. So the third level therefore, is to try to get one’s economic base, so they are not tied down to a 9 to 5 for the rest of their life. Something like 70% of the people who are retired in America are dependent upon financial help from family or government or otherwise. Only about 30% are not needing help, and most of those are just barely getting by. So the idea, on that third level, is to establish some sort of financial base where we can have more time and less effort to think, to reflect, to meditate, and to break free from the negative karma. And the fourth level is obviously to start breaking free from past-life karma.

So the goal of life, you feel would be to become more disciplined?

G.K: I think that’s a different question. To me, the goal of life is to become free, to become free, in simple language, from our ignorance, our own forgetfulness, our own selfishness. On a second level, it is simply to stop hurting the world, people, the entities, life forms. Stop doing harm to them. And the next level is to start doing doos for them, to help them. Not to interfere in their lives, not to meddle in their lives, but basically to do good. The goal is to become free, to become enlightened

What would you like to be remembered by?

G.K: I really don’t think I want to be remembered by any specific thing. If a few disciples continue to teach after I die, physically die, I assume that would make me feel that in some sense the flame would continue to move from generation to generation.