The 5 mystical steps for attaining Samadhi- By Goswami Kriyananda

The five mystical steps for attaining Samadhi:

Level one:

1. Saturn. Be open to life. Do not become uptight.

2. Jupiter. Let go of your mind’s gross, subtle and super-subtle greed. Whatever your mind holds onto is called greed. Stop measuring success based upon how many objects you have.

3. Mars. Transmute your ego awareness into a higher state of awareness. Do not value life according to what your ego values.

4. Venus. Put beauty back into your life. Find a beautiful person to emulate and become like him or her. Refrain from wearing polyester and plastic. Learn to distinguish between what is beautiful and not beautiful, but do not be allured by beauty.

5. Mercury. Study every day and come to love it. Study all the levels of your mind: everyday mind, dreams states, etc. Study other people’s minds. Study symbolism and view everything from a symbolic standpoint. In this way you will be more accurate. Above all, learn to keep your mouth shut.

Level two:

1. Saturn. Rest your body more so that it can fully relax while meditating. Stillness is a prerequisite to meditation. Lie down if it will make you more comfortable. The body must be stretched and completely relaxed before stillness can be achieved. You should be at full attention without any tension. Understand what your body is capable of handling. For example, most people cannot tolerate sugar and colorants because they are too irritating and potentially toxic.

2. Jupiter. Relax your breathing. Smooth, even breathing allows your energy to become centered in the sushumna. Centered energy is non-emotional and therefore less destructive. Become established in a breathing technique that allows for this.

3. Mars. Learn to focus your mind. Turn away from people and things that irritate you. They are not the problem. Recognize that it is your mind that is irritating your mind. Instead, focus on what is beautiful and meaningful to all life forms. Concentration is developed through study, and generally loving what you do. Joy effortlessly enables the mind to concentrate. This is called meditation.

4. Venus. Learn to relax even more. This will help to stabilize your mind further. Hold to life gently. All life is sacred. You do not have to approve of every aspect, just learn to be gentle.

5. Mercury. Meditate upon what your mind is doing and has done. Meditate upon

the consequences of your past and present actions. The astral world has priority over the earth life. Causal relationships are reversed in the astral. If you want to kill someone in the astral they are dead even before you pull out your gun. Train your mind to think differently in order to become free of it.

Level three:

1. Saturn. Establish a firm foundation between (the source of) your inner life and the life deep within you. Link to the very source of your breathing, thinking, and being. This is the essence of self-awareness.

2. Jupiter. Establish a firm foundation between goodness and the source of projection.

3. Mars. Establish a firm foundation between the source of your energy and the heat (tapas) of creation. Sexual heat produces jealousy, hate, and envy. It destroys people. Tapas has the connotation of spiritual regeneration. It is the heat that unfolds the chakras, just like how the sun causes plants to grow.

4. Venus. Establish a firm foundation between the sustaining utterance and the adi- or high mantra.

5. Mercury. Establish a firm foundation between the akashic records and the clear gem. Samadhi functions in such a way as to allow you to use the clear gem to gain insight and knowledge about any object you wish. Once knowledge is gained you can remove it unstained and move onto something else. This is how the akashic records are read. The akashic records contain twelve volumes of books. When you enter the records, there are six books to your left and six books to your right. These books contain the entire history of mankind. All of your personal history is recorded here.

You are immortal. There never was a time when you did not exist. You have a lot of history to read. The clear gem allows you to check history and see where you are headed. “He who does not know what happened before he was born is doomed to repeat the past.” The steps can be summarized on each level:

1. Become detached (Saturn).

2. Let go of your mind’s greed, no matter how subtle (Jupiter).

3. Stop being violent (Mars).

4. Release your mind from its allurements (Venus).

5. Relax and re-focus your energy. Learn the art of concentration (Mercury). Repeat these steps until your consciousness moves away from your everyday mind to the Cosmic mind (Atma).