Interview Series with Goswami Kriyananda Part 1

Through the process of sorting through decades of papers from the Temple, we sometime find hidden gems that have been stowed away until they are needed in the world again. In this particular instance, we came across an interview by Goswami Kriyanada. The papers give no indication as to who conducted the interview or in what year, but rest assured, regardless of who, why and when, this interview is important. I believe it was unearthed at the exact moment the world needed it: right now.

Enjoy a small excerpt from the end of the interview. May the flame guide the way and give you light in your life.

What gives meaning to your life?

G.K: I think that in the early part of my childhood and the earlier part of my search, I think what gave meaning was finding reliable answers that indicated the world wasn’t ruled by a mad God, I guess is the best way to say it. That problems were made by religious leaders: priests, rabbis, swamis, pastors, that sort of thing, gurus, let’s get them all in there. They really were out more to manipulate people that to help people stand on their own two feet. As I began through my own individual search to find answers and meaning, I think that gave meaning to my life. To search for the answers gave meaning.

After I found the answers, I think what gave meaning to my life was primarily to pass those ideas and thoughts on to people so they could learn to stand on their own two feet.

What’s the most important thing a person should know?

G.K: That they can find answers for themselves, that they don’t need teachers, gurus, priests, rabbis. As my guru said to me, “No one should have greater interest in me than me,” No on would have greater interest in you than you. And so that you--whoever that you is--should pick up the search. I think the answer is, we can find the answers. Life is knowable.

And how would you tell someone to find the answers?

G.K: I think the answer begins by, if they say they’re really interested, you ask, “Are you sure you’re really interested?” And they say yes, I’m really interested. And then you say, “Okay, show me, or show yourself that you’re really interested by becoming self-disciplined, more self-disciplined.” And then even more self-disciplined, which means getting further and further away from emotionality and getting rid of your emotional vested interests in trying to prove yoga is the best or my guru is the greatest or anything of this nature, but simply looking for answers, recognizing that there are many, many, many, different paths along the way.