Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

I’m in line for my flight from DFW. My name is called from over the intercom to come up to the desk. I’m worried because I think that I might have been bumped off the flight. As I come up to the desk, a woman informs me that I am going to have to sit in a window seat, as the woman who will be sitting next to me is in a wheelchair. They want me to board first, even though I’m in boarding group 6.

As the woman and her husband sit down next to me, we exchange greetings and I thank them for sitting next to me, as it allowed me to board first. The woman volunteers that she has been in a wheelchair since the age of thirteen, when she was diagnosed with Polio and also suffers from MS.  She explains that she and her husband have just returned from Spain, where they spent some time touring the Basque Country. Her eight kids, she says, live in Michigan, but have managed to escape the cold and now live in Phoenix.

“I never let my physical ailments stop me,” she continued. “I feel that you have to keep going. In a few weeks we will be taking another trip to visit our children.”

As someone who had just experienced a personal tragedy myself,  I was dumbfounded. How could this woman, after everything she had been through, have this mentality? I realized this was a Kriya Yoga teaching moment.

In a conversation with Goswami Kriyananda I had when I first met him, I asked him about the concept of Karma. “It’s not what happens to you that’s important,” he told me, “It’s how you react to it that is important.” He continued that each thought joins with all of our other thoughts to create our universe. “If you change your thinking, you change your life.”

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I have no idea why this lady was burdened with polio and MS. But now I believe that whatever happens to us is supposed to happen. It seems to me that our job in life is to accept the past, and in doing so, forgive ourselves. This allows us to enjoy every moment that we are still left with. It starts with offering non-physical love to everyone and everything that we encounter. (Shelly’s explanation)

At the end of my flight I thank this woman again, however, this time, for a different reason. I thank her not because her circumstances allowed me to jump in line but because she gave me the opportunity to be blessed with her vibration for several hours.

To me, this is the Peace that passes all understanding. To me, this is Shanti.

Blog by Jim ChasE