The Awareness That You Can Choose

It is by the laws of Self conscious awareness that you have been given the ability to choose.  Your ability to choose remains with you during the total incarnation what it is, physically and mentally, because of choices from past lives.  Still, because you have awareness, those choices have to be overridden. Yes, you can choose to change what is at this moment and move into a more positive state of being.

Although karma formed this incarnation, choice can still govern your life.  All that is needed is for you to be aware that you do have choices and to keep this awareness in your conscious mind.  Should you lose awareness that there is choice, if that awareness fades out of your consciousness, you most likely will need to endure what follows:  error, mistakes, foolishness and thus distress. Now, whether or not the knowledge that you have choice fades from your consciousness, is totally up to you.  This, too, is a consequence of your choice, especially the choice not to choose!

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For you to rise above distress and sorrow, you need to always remain aware that The Law of Choice must become, and remain, the dominant principle of your spiritual search.  The ability to recognize choice, and to choose to choose, must remain the ultimate guiding principle. Not to do so will cause your life to remain limited, and to become more limited.  Not to do so will cause you to become a prisoner of your own karma.

Keep the concept of choice in the forefront of your mind, and remain aware that you not only have the right to choose, but that you must constantly choose.  If you choose to choose, your life will move forward, you will break the power over your past-life karma, your life will break from its limitation. In short, you will move forward into Maturity and spiritual evolution.

However, remember that doing something because of impulse is not making a choice!  Maturity is the awareness of life’s impulses and the ability to look at them and choose not to act, or to choose to act skillfully.  Maturity is the ability to increase your ability to help others; to become part of life’s solution, not to continue to be part of the problem.

The next step in the process is to gather all the forces that allow you to take full advantage of the opportunity for exercising choice.

Just as exercising a muscle makes it strong, and keeps it strong, so too using your ability  to make conscious decisions will make the power of choice stronger, and easier to use. When you consciously or unconsciously surrender the use of exercising choice, the power to sustain that power fades.  In so doing you surrender your will to your past life karma, and your mind to indolence.

People think that all they have to do is choose once.  Unfortunately, this is not the case. It requires dedicated energy  because decisions will have to be made as each new event arises in your life.  The vital point is that each new decision must be in harmony with the previous decision so as to keep moving your spiritual direction forward.  Furthermore, each decision must be a conscious decision, ad not an action resulting from impulses.

If you fail to keep all your decisions harmonious, i.e., all moving toward the one key life goal, the goal will not be attained – certainly not in this lifetime.  Furthermore, this inharmonious linking of all your decisions will cause your body-mind complex to disengage from the cosmic mind. This will reset you with your ego’s goals, rather than the cosmic goals.  Staying linked to the cosmic mind will facilitate your ability to ascertain what is the correct action to be taken at any given moment, as well as determining the skillful way in which that action is to be carried out.  As you diminish your mind’s ability to keep in touch with the cosmic mind, so do you weaken your capacity to make incisive choices.


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