Once Upon a Yogi Time...


Once Upon a Yogi Time, many years ago, they were trying to move a rough-hewn concrete statue of the Buddha in Bangkok. When they measured and took the density of it, they figured they needed a #8 chain. They decided, “Well, we’ll play it safe and go to a #4 chain.” They started lifting this giant stone Buddha, and when it was a number of feet in the air, the engineers and monks heard the chains creaking.

Suddenly the giant Buddha slapped down to the ground and shattered into thousands of pieces that flew in all directions.

The chief engineer said, “How could I have miscalculated? How could I could have been wrong on the size of the chain that was needed?”


When the shower of stones stopped, and the dust settled, everybody took their hands off their heads. Their tears were drying somewhat, and they looked in the direction, but nobody could see because the sunlight made it impossible to look at. Shining so brightly before them was a solid gold Buddha that had been hidden in cement for over a thousand years.

This was in 1957, and they realized it was not the first time someone tried to protect the Buddha against invaders. Over a thousand years ago they had covered the golden Buddha in a cement-like material to hide its true nature.

What at first seemed like a tragic accident only revealed the splendor within.  

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Sometimes it does take an accident, as those in the West call it—a piece of karma—as I would call it. Occasionally a chain breaks or something snaps, and we are blinded in a shower of emotionality. But when we look back and the dust clears, and the tears settle, we find a resplendent golden heart. The hardened shell has cracked and the things that we have locked up so long and rejected, that which was caused by failures, hurts, setbacks, and defeats, were only attitudes that we had accepted. It doesn’t matter whether we first heard them from within or without.

All of a sudden, we realize that the meaning of success and happiness are only judgments of our own mind. Negativity is removed, and we begin to see the unbelievable awareness of what is within us.  

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