Recently a Swami was discussing duty.

"My Uncle Bill used to say, 'Your duty is your destiny.' the Swami related."

In his courses, Kriyananda talks a lot about duty. Several lectures deal with the subject. Kriyananda was a great fan of the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus, who gave us the phrase Character is Destiny. It may be this concept from which the Swami’s Uncle came up with his phrase. 

And it may be somewhat surprising to learn that Kriyananda felt, for example, even if your duty is to be a soldier, you should do that. He liked to say "You can't change your garments in mid- stream or mid life”. You have to fulfill your duty to the end, or you bring on more bad karma for yourself. 

But the question is how many of us know what our duty is?>

Every human has a duty and each individual has his or her own duty unique to them.

Your horizon of awareness is what determines your duty.

The more aware your are of your place and station, the greater your responsibility to yourself and to all life. Dharma is having the awareness to pick up the thread of life and sustain it.

That's what duty is about.

It's not what Mother wants, or what Father wants, or society wants, it's what your awareness dictates to you about the essence of life and how to feed life.

That’s one of the main concepts that Kriyananda teaches:
"Feed your husband or he will die." 
"Feed your wife or she will die." 

But how do you determine how to feed your spouse? 
Learning what they need. 

That's part of awareness -- learning what "feeds" people. 
Awareness = knowing how to feed life. 
The guru won't tell you how to “feed”. 
Swamis won't tell you how to “feed”. 
Nobody can tell you this. 

Kriyananda like to joke that husbands are simple: give 'em dinner. 
But for life it's a little more difficult. 

William Wordsworth said:
That best portion of a man's life? His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love. 
This is how Kriyananda and Shelly (his Guru) viewed it. 
That in finding a way to show unselfish love to every being you come into contact with, you find your dharma. 

We started by saying duty is destiny. 
So maybe your destiny is to find your duty. 
Perhaps they are really equals. 
But what if your destiny is to kill people? 
Wait a minute -- now you're talking about Karma. 
But Kriyananda said Karma can be destiny too. 
He talked about karma being unawareness -- being on autopilot. 
Everyone has free will -- but he felt that most people don't use it. 
It's the performance of the dharma that expands one's awareness and awakens free will. This neutralizes or softens your karma. 
But to do your dharma, you have to have awakened your awareness and free will. 
Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? 

This might be a good time to meditate!