Walking the spiritual path is a razor’s edge—slip to either side, and you lose the way. Enlightenment is the goal and this requires living in the middle between extremes. If you live here, you become master of your world. This is important because your world is the only one you will ever really know.
Kriya Yoga is an idealistic philosophy in that it primarily deals with the mind. The path is about the psychological maturation of your mind. Most people’s minds are locked into repetitive thought patterns that prevent them from thinking new thoughts. They are re-living the past instead of living in the present. No wonder they are confused. Everyone is looking for God, whether they realize it or not, to solve their problems. But they are looking for him in the sky. Spiritual maturity means training the mind to let go of the past so that it can see what has been standing in front of you all along.

Most who seek enlightenment do so because they have a yearning to know who
they really are. At some level they know themselves to be more than what their
senses tell them. The maturation of the mind means letting go of its identification with the body and mind. The point of kriya philosophy is to help you understand the nature of your own mind and move beyond it. In this way you expand your awareness of who and what you are, and begin to identify with something much deeper within yourself. Thinking a new thought means truly knowing who you are.
 More than a philosophy, yoga is a method for perceiving truth. Kriya Yoga, like all schools of yoga, offers primary techniques for gaining enlightenment. Techniques vary in their effect, hence the necessity for many different systems. Whatever system you choose, the utilization of a primary technique demands the cultivation of a sane lifestyle. You cannot run around ranting and raving, and then consider yourself enlightened. The so-called logic that defines most cultures is destructive to spiritual growth.
 To be successful you need to isolate yourself psychologically from the
competitive aspects of society. Competition whether it is with another or within one’s self, is unhealthy. It is a direct cause of the insanity we see around us.What we see externally is merely a reflection of what we have rejected internally. The early stages of the path involve the balancing and re-integration of those aspects of self that have been denied. You need to look and act human before you can become a god. If you are not authentically human, you will be out of sync with your world and it will eventually destroy you.
To a great extent, we are what we see. If you live among crazy people, you will
be crazy. Your ability to think differently from your culture is determined by your environment. Only a pure mind can attract pure thoughts. You have to live with sane people in order for your mind to be pure. Purity in yoga means one thing: thinking, speaking and doing the same thing. Most people think a thought, say something different, and do something else entirely. This is not purity from a yogic standpoint.
 Purity is being consistent in what you think, say and do. Some people’s minds
are so focused that they succeed at everything they do. Kriya Yoga is not for
them. It is for people who are struggling to move beyond their self-imposed
limitations. These blockages occlude balanced self-conscious awareness. When
awareness is blocked, people lose the power to change their lives. Kriya Yoga
empowers people to change—themselves—not others. When you change, the
world around you changes.
 This occurs because Kriya is a process of converting negative thoughts into
positive, more expansive patterns of thinking. It is the ego that erects barriers
and creates blockages. The only way that you can perform the conversion is by
giving up most of your ego needs. For example, many people have the thought
that they would like to get married. After months and often years of preparation they eventually do. The act of getting married is referred to as kriya because kriya, when translated, means action.
If this marriage is unhappy, then the person really hasn’t performed a kriya. Your actions must be harmonious for them to be considered kriya. It’s like magic. You don’t have to prepare endlessly for it to happen. You simply have to vow to be happy—NOW. It’s as simple as that. When you choose to be happy, you let go of your ego-consciousness. This can be clearly seen in the example of marriage.
 The very nature of marriage requires sacrifice. Happy marriages occur because people willingly set aside their egos for the sake of the marriage.
The more ego-centric you are, the greater your difficulty in attaining
enlightenment. Happiness is an enlightened state of consciousness. It is a by-
product of sane thinking. It is a state of awareness in which the ego offers no
resistance. With effort, the ego can learn to give ground to others. Primary
techniques are essential in softening the rougher edges of the ego because they
awaken compassion. Compassion engenders self-understanding and tolerance
toward other people’s shortcomings. In the end, compassion is what ultimately
restores inner balance.

Sri Goswami Kriyananda

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