Once upon a yogi time there was a young Hindu who wanted to be a great swami. He went to his teacher and said, “I want to convert all of India back to yoga. I want the mantra, yantra and the secret formula to do this.”

The teacher said, “Oh my son, that is easy.” He handed him a piece of chalk and said,

“Now wait till the new moon…”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, I knew that was the first step.”

“Go into your bedroom...”


“Clear the bedroom…”

“Yes, yes, yes, master.”

“Now take this piece of chalk in your hand. On the floor make a large circle around your body, tracing on the floor a magic circle.”

“Yes, yes, I knew it was something like that. Then what do I do?”

“Meditate and keep meditating until all the people in the circle are converted to peace and tranquility and serenity. Then you will have succeeded in helping the world.”

Do you understand? It’s so much easier to tell the neighbor to clean up their back yard than to clean up your head. Telling others what to do seems so natural because even the rest of the world agrees. The garbage and the pollution begin in one’s head, not in one’s backyard or front yard.

Jim ChaseTemple of Kriya Yoga