Goswami Kriyanada collected and shared sutras, aphorisms and metaphors many of them from tradition, some unique to his own life.  


One of my favorites is; “If you are under water, don’t breathe. If you are above the water: breathe.”

It is important to know where We are at in order to wisely determine what to do and when to do it.

It is important to know where we are at in the order-in the Rita; to know how and when to act or if it is best to remain patient.

 Rita is a Sanskrit word that refers to the natural order of life; it is the principle that regulates how life unfolds.

As we move forward from Winter into Spring it is time to stop holding our collective breath and begin the long exhalation that brings form out of the potential.

Seeds are sprouting, buds are budding, babies of all types are being born. The dreams and revelations that have gestated in the darkness of Winter begin to radiate and glow in the light of the life giving Sun.

This is the outer Rita, but we live in a dual universe.

There is in each life, in each cycle, an inner Spring time; one that emerges following the inner time of gestation, renewal, revelation and inspiration.

There is wisdom in working to yoke our inner world to the pattern of the years turning. Yet even when our inner life is not in harmony with the outer earthly pattern, we can still learn from observation, to recognize, to perform swadhaya on the Rita of life. This self-study can bring insights as to where we are at in our own cycle of turning, allowing us to better navigate the cycle of emergence and learn to recognize the rhythm of life through this reflection.

“The wise plant seeds in the Spring”.

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Whether it is the Spring of our inner creation or the Springof the season, the time to begin planting seeds is when the soil is fertile and rested.

Two follows 1 and is followed by 3. To work within the natural order is like walking with the wind to your back.

While it is easy to recognize where the outer seasons of life are at, when it comes to the astral it is not always so apparent.

Astrology is a tool used by mystics throughout the ages to better understand the timing of life and thus the time to spring forward, blossom, harvest or rest.

We started this journey with the Winter Solstice, the time of silence and renewal, where the inwardly turned moment culminated in three days of quietude as the Suns journey settled into a point of stasis. This moment was the natural Samadhi for our planetary cycle, a time of symbolic breathlessness.

From these moments of in-action emerge flashes of inspiration, which when nurtured under the dark soil of Capricorn, futuristically envisioned in Aquarius, dreamed about under Pisces now come to Aries where that which was brought forth in silence. Held safe in our subconscious and nurtured through our inspirations and dreams, it takes its first steps into the physical reality of our lives.

Yet, here at the cusp of spring we encounter a very real limitation - fear.

The nature of Aries is much like the nature of Spring uncertain.

This aspect of Aries and of Spring is well expressed through one symbol of Aries; the infantryman. Scared beyond measure, with no way to turn back, he springs forth with trepidation.

We can learn from this. Even the Earth herself initiates a new project with trepidation and yet, knowing she must with every fiber of her being asserts herself with courage.

We all can observe this as we watch Spring unfold. A warm day or two, some rain, and the earliest of plants begin to emerge, often only to be covered again with snow or cold arresting their forward progression. In the Spring of our creation, we also encounter the fear of action - only to be confronted by the counter fear of no action at all.  Yet, there is no non-participation in life. We are a part of life and never apart from life.

Once upon a yogi time;

There was a grape vine that lived in the garden of God. It noticed that every year cold sterile people would come and rip from it its grapes, would take from it its grapes. Without asking.

Now what disturbed the grape vine according to this great yogic tale, was that no one ever showed any appreciation.

 One day it is said that a wise man having trekked a great distance having yet to go a great distance further set near this particular grape vine to rest.

The grape vine recognized the soul as a Wise Soul.

And he thought to himself; this is my opportunity to finally solve this mystery of these people that come every year and take my grapes showing no thankfulness or anything else to me. And so the grape vine spoke, and he said: “Oh Sir, wise sir - as you probably know, I am a vine. Whenever my fruit is ripe, people come and they steal my grapes. Now, this doesn’t bother me so much, what bothers me is that none of these people show any sign of appreciation whatsoever.

Can you explain this mystery to me?

Can you explain their strange, unusual, unnatural conduct?”

Hmm? The wise man thought, hmm? Then he spoke:

“Well, Sir Grape, Sir Vine, I am thinking that the reason is that all these people that come and take your grapes, they are probably under the impression that you can not help producing grapes”.

                                             (Story from Goswami Kriyananda)


Kriya Yoga is about making a conscious choice. It is about our Free Will countering the unconscious actions of our karma with our skillful means.

We do have a choice. As Yogis on the wisdom path we can yoke our boat to forces that will accelerate our learning and further our liberation and Joy. We can yoke ourselves to our lineage, to our Temple, to the cycle of the year, to our Dharma itself.

To do so consciously leads to Enlightenment and Moksha - to not do so leads only to more karma and the self-referential suffering it breeds.

Dharma is our joy, dharma is our duty, dharma is the nature of our soul.

This Spring, thy Spring, the Spring, Spring forth, plant seeds, till the garden of God and in expressing your joy, the fundamental nature of your heart, fulfill your dharma, your contribution to our creation.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

Swami Maitreyanada

“The aspiration that each human soul should have if he’s moved from his primitive nature to his evolved nature is simply to do everything one can to remove the hurt from this universe”.

~Goswami Kriyananda