Spiritual Maturity 

~Day Retreat~

                                            with Caren Prentice

                                             Saturday, October 20th


If you’re reading this, some part of you is intrigued by the idea of being Spiritually Mature.Or perhaps you think you already are and want to confirm your suspicions. Or perhaps you just want to go deeper and mature your personal meditation practice.

Over the course of this precious day you will learn:

  • What Spiritual Maturity looks, thinks, sounds and acts like. It's not what you think.

  • How to measure your progress along the “Way” to becoming a spiritually mature being.

  • Three essential practices spiritually mature beings use to guide their “Way.”

Feeling connected to something bigger than us is essential for Spiritual Maturity. Call it what you will, Life, God, the Universe, Personal Divinity, Higher Power, Source, or Ideal, it’s the experience of deep felt connection that becomes the bedrock of your spiritual maturity

  • What I love about meditation is that it doesn’t require any set definition of “God” or the “Divine”. Whatever your beliefs may be, meditation will bring you closer and deeper.

  • For those of you who don’t know what you believe, you will be guided through a technique to help you gently find your way towards it.

  • For those of you whose concept is evolving, we will have a practice that facilitates the evolution of your understanding.


  • Includes releasing your idea of how life “should” be.

  • Being open to discovering the Truth, the Reality, of Life as it actually is.


  • To see beyond appearances to what is really going on.

  • To trust your own inner guidance, your own intuition, your “Way.”

  • We’ll also delve into what it means to stop interfering in another's path so you can be of support as they travel on their “Way” to spiritual maturity.

My goal is to help you recognize the way that is your unique “Way.” May you embrace it authentically and without apology as you travel into the fullness of your own experience of Spiritual Maturity. My hope is that this weekend gives you practices and techniques that will help you navigate your way with confidence, compassion, equanimity, wisdom, and humor.

I hope you can join me.

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