Death, Dying & Rebirth Ritual

to bless the transition of Georgianne Alexander, Swami K. Yuvananda 

September 9th

at 2:00 pm

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A DDR service will be held for longtime Kriyananda Disciple, Swami and Temple employee Georgianne Alexander, September 9, 2018 at the Temple.

Swamiji served the Temple for over thirty years working at the front desk, and supporting the Temple programs in countless ways.  If you have come to the Temple or taken one of our programs over these many years, you too have been blessed in some way by her service.

One of the most sacred acts we can perform for another, is to remind them of their good deeds at the time of their transition. If you are not able to join us in person, please remember her goodness and good deeds each time that you think of her, thus sharing your blessings with her.

Memorials Being Accepted in Georgianne's Name

The Temple is accepting memorials in Georgianne's name for a remodeling project in the front hall. We hope to replace the carpeting, and the wall coverings by the stairs, as well as repaint the front desk area to brighten it a bit.

In addition both front doors need replacing. The outer door is crumbling from lack of maintenance, and the outside front wall, which is wood, is in dire need of replacement.

With the memorials, every time we enter the Temple we will think of Georgianne and her beautiful countenance and spirit of love toward everyone she met.


Please RSVP here so that we can plan for attendance.  If you would like to send a message to her family please include below. 

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