"Learning, Living, Loving"

June 24th

Sunday Noon by Swami K. Japananda

Swami Japananda has been with the Temple and has studied with Kriyananda since the beginning in the 60s. She is responsible for the thousands of recordings that we are bringing online. 

One of the most knowledgeable and advanced yogis in the USA, she is a wonderful teacher with extensive insights into the human condition.

Join us this Sunday at the Noon Meditation for a time of inspiration and peace, and learn to bring the essence of this time into your coming week. This Sunday’s message is about Living, Learning and Loving. Swami K Japananda will reflect with you on the cycles of living, why we seem to always be looking for better future times, and how we miss out on the essence of our happiness today. She will meditate with you on the basic structures of our existence: body, thoughts, emotions and spirit. Learn how they can work together to create greater happiness and spiritual living in your life.




(Available ONLY during the time of the Event!)

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2418 N Sawyer Ave, Chicago, IL 60647