Workshop: Balancing Emotions

with Caren Prentice

Learn how to use your emotions as gateways into wisdom, balance and full-hearted compassion.



Saturday, July 14
9:00am- 3:30pm

Emotions are complicated. Emotions are powerful. Negative ones scare us. Positive ones elude us. But it needn’t be so.

The great poets and mystics have understood that emotions, used wisely, are a pathway to experience the Divine. As westerners, we have been trained to deny, suppress, control, ignore, and/or suffer through our emotions. 

But it doesn’t work. Those emotions often erupt at the most inappropriate time over some silly little nothing in a way that is totally out of proportion to any given comment, event or situation. The result is often confusing, damaging and debilitating.

What if you knew how to skillfully deal with an emotion so you could use it to grow into a mature, wise self? Meditation teaches us how to do that.

In this workshop you’ll:

  • Understand, and no longer fear, the powerful forces we call, Emotion. 
  • Recognize their purpose.
  • Discover the difference between balanced, angular and confused emotions.
  • Learn three techniques to harness their transformative power.
  • Practice transforming emotions into spiritual wisdom, strength and compassion.

Emotions, once you understand how to use them, are powerful forces you can use to help your heart unfold and mature. Which gives you the skills you need to deal with other people’s emotions. And that allows you to become a beneficial presence on the planet. Yes!

I hope you can join me.

Please bring your lunch and a snack to share.


In the "Kriya Dharma Series," Goswami Kriyananda offers the keys to overcoming some of life's most common emotional challenges. In these lectures, Goswami explains how to move from fear and dissatisfaction, to peacefulness, clear seeing and greater fulfillment in your life


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