Review target poses (Kim Schwarz, Agnieszka HYTT and Iyengar illustrations).

Practice poses down to every prompt & test best ways to get into the pose and transition.

Analyze body parts most affected & challenged.

Look at breathing patterns & best cues to support the work in the asanas.

Build sequence by warming up specific areas of the body and for the escalation,

  • Centering pose to open body to target poses

  • Suitable preparatory poses

  • Options for the target poses and ways to integrate them into the sequence

Cool down by choosing opposite poses to the preparatory poses.

Add movements not utilized in target poses & best places for them: at beginning as warm-up and/or at end

for cool-down or rest. (such as twists)

Consider meditative guidance or words of calm & encouragement.

“As wave is driven by wave

And each, pursued, pursues the wave ahead,

So time flies on and follows, flies, and follows,

Always, forever and new. What was before

Is left behind; what never was is now;

And every passing moment is renewed.”

― Ovid, Metamorphoses

Asanas for the Yoga Moon Salutation:

Prayer Pose – palms together overhead

Crescent Moon Pose – arching to the left

Goddess Pose – squat, arms at sides in an L-shape, palms forward

Transition Pose – star pose, the body is like a 5-pointed star

Triangle Pose – extending to the left, right arm up

Head to knee – left leg

Lunge to the left

Forward Facing Lunge – right leg extended

Squat Pose – Malasana, hands in prayer position

Forward Facing Lunge – left leg extended

Lunge to the right

Head to Knee – right leg

Triangle Pose – extending to the right, left arm up

Transition Pose – star pose

Goddess Pose

Crescent Moon Pose – arching to the right

Return to Prayer Pose – palms together overhead