Moon Salutation - Chandra Namaskar Series

Saturdays from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Starting January 12, 2019

Yoga Class with Rita


A gentle way into the foundation of yoga for beginning students or anyone interested in a deeper understanding of yoga alignment. Experience the flow of Vinyasa with confidence.

Work towards a grounded foundation by becoming proficient in the moon salutation vinyasa which can be the basis for a daily yoga practice at home. By deconstructing the sequence we will highlight the individual poses. Benefits are revealed in a gentle way offering modifications to access each pose fully. Once the foundation is established, ease into a more effortless & stable flow. Each class will start with centering and breath work and end with deep relaxation.

The focus will be on learning together, gaining confidence and feeling a sense of well-being.

Moon Salutation – Chandra Namaskar

A perfect complement to the sun salutation (Surya Namaskar), the moon salutation sequence features a combination of poses that touch on almost every part of the body and challenge the yoga practitioner to maintain the basic blueprint of alignment & stability. The work and joy always involves the total body with the lengthening of the spine as the central focus.

The target poses covered in each workshop-style class follow the sequence of the moon salutation’s main elements and provide in-depth training in each of them. We will use tools such as blocks, blankets, chairs and the wall to ease into each pose and activate the areas of the body most challenged by each pose. Students are encouraged to ask questions and explore their own unique challenges.

Class 1 – Target poses: Tadasana – Mountain pose/prayer pose & Urdva Hastasana with Crescent moon

Class 2 – Target poses: Horse pose, Phalakasana with Star pose

Class 3 – Target poses: Trikonasana – Triangle pose & Parsvottasana – Side intense stretch

Class 4 – Target poses: Low/high lunge with with Side lunge

Class 5 – Target poses: Goddess pose & Malasana – squat

Class 6 – REVIEW & complete flow of salutation

All are welcome – no prior experience needed.

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Drop in regular price is $15 per class. 5 class package for $14 per class total of $70 for all 5 classes.

Single Class (drop in) $15


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