July 22

Join us for Noon Meditation: "Guru Purnima: Love the Teachings and vivify your path"

Today we honor the teachers of all mystical traditions, those who have carried the oral teachings and shared them. Kriya Yoga, the mystical tradition which is taught at the Temple of Kriya Yoga is a living tradition and has a living lineage which is vibrant and continues to feed the flame of Kriya,the light within each being. Join this day as we share the beauty of the teachings which have inspired us and vivified our path. Do this, so that you also, may vivify your life and find happiness.


Followed by 1pm Lecture :"The Path of Kriya Yoga Part I"

This afternoon we will share wisdom teachings of the Kriya Yoga lineage along with practices to incorporate in your own life. The path to your own happiness and enlightenment is unique. Each of us chooses the way which is best suited to our lives. Come and sip of the this ancient wisdom, be vivified to continue to walk your own path.

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