By Goswami Kriyananda

Many of these intensive seminars were given by Goswami Kriyananda over a day or a few days at the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. Share these unique teachings on such topics as Kriya Yoga, dream interpretation, and how to live a more spiritual life.

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Seminar of the Week


"The Aura, the Astral and You"

Recreate a life of vitality and positivity by tapping the fountain of life energy: your aura and its astral connection. Join Goswami Kriyananda as he explores the nature of your aura and its relationship to the inner planes of consciousness. 5 MP3 recordings.

"Transformation of the Dragon"

Learn to transform the "dragon" of your mind-body complex and break free of deep-seated conditionings of your past lives and hurts of this lifetime. 4 MP3 recordings and 4 videos (2 hrs 48 min)

"Dreams: Doorways to Higher Worlds"

The study of dreams is an exploration of the mystery of your soul, a pathway to the depths of the subconscious and beyond. Learn about dreams, symbols, and the astral mind from the mystical perspective of the Kriya tradition. 4 MP3 recordings

"Gratefulness: Art of Skillful Living"

Skillful living is the art of wisely and compassionately integrating the Kriya teachings into your everyday life -- a way of gentle attunement to the reciprocity which is Life. This seminar will assist you in unifying your inner and outer worlds. 3 MP3 recordings.

"Kriya Yoga: The Path of Spiritual Evolution"

Kriya is the art and science of conscious creation -- a method for the unfoldment of your divine nature. Learn how its practice can assist you to become healthier, happier, and more spiritually mature. 4 MP3 recordings

"Kriology - The Sacred Science of Creation"

Kriology is a system for experiencing a transformation in consciousness. It is the study of Kriya Yoga, a system which deals directly with your mind, its structure and dynamics. Learn about karma (the law of causation), how karma is generated and activated, and how it can be softened, modified or dissolved. 6 MP3 recordings

"The Teachings of the Guru"

In this series, Goswami Kriyananda explains how the basic concepts of the Kriya teachings enable you to adjust, adapt and acclimatize to your earth-life, so that spiritual unfoldment will manifest more swiftly and harmoniously. 10 MP3 recordings

"Mantra - Self Awareness and Thought Forms"

Mantra is one of the deepest and most powerful practices of yoga. Mantras are thought forms that generate a specific vibration and stimulate the mind. Their vibratory sounds feed oxygen to the brain, prana to the chakras and awaken spiritual consciousness. The use of mantra is fundamental to Kriya Yoga practice, because it can be used to soften confining karma and manifest positive past-life karma. 4 MP3 recordings

"New Insights into the Principles of Karma"

Goswami Kriyananda brings new insight to the ancient concept of Karma, the force that holds us to the past. What is Karma.? How does Karma work? What is the best way to deal with your Karma? Reflection shows how past actions create current conditions. This five part lecture series gives guidance on how to softly and gently reduce negative Karma. 5 mp3 recordings

"Karma, Causation and the Laws of Balance"

This set includes the text The Laws of Karma along with five recordings, totaling 5 1/2 hours, during which Goswami Kriyananda expands further on the topic of Karma.

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