The Mystical Science of Kriya Yoga

The Mystical Science of Kriya Yoga


In Plato’s Meno, Socrates says “Spirit is immortal and often reincarnates on the earth. Having seen everything that is here, there is nothing it has not learned. There is no wonder it can remember virtue because it knew of it before this incarnation – All learning is but remembering.”

These three sets of twelve lessons, written by Goswami Kriyananda, reveal the mystical tradition of Kriya Yoga as the art and science of remembering. They will assist you in awakening the memory of your true nature, which the yogis call sat-chit-ananda – the remembrance of infinite consciousness, unconditioned existence, and unending bliss.

There are as many paths to enlightenment as there are individual souls. Recognizing that spiritual unfoldment manifests through four intentional actions, the ancient sages designed four primary paths to cultivate your spiritual memory, and thus the realization of greater health, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment. These four primary paths are:

  • Karma Yoga — The path of unselfish service

  • Jnana Yoga — The path of esoteric knowledge

  • Prema Yoga — The path of love and devotion toward all life

  • Raja Yoga — The path of inner practice and mystical techniques

Each PDF lesson in this series is divided into four sections, and each section highlights one of the four paths. In this way, you will learn how a single concept can be expressed in your life as a conscious act of service (karma yoga), as philosophy and cosmology (jnana yoga), as devotional or artistic expression (prema yoga), and as a mystical methodology (raja yoga).

Action (karma) produces knowledge (jnana). Knowledge produces love (prema). Love seeks its expression, and so the royal path of inner practice is born (raja). These four paths function best when they work in conjunction with one another. Kriya embraces the study and practice of all four paths, emphasizing those approaches that most resonate with each individual’s needs.

The primary purpose of these lessons is to help you establish a firmer foundation for spiritual evolution. Each lesson contains approximately 20 pages that systematically explore the fundamental principles and practices of the mystical science of Kriya Yoga. The lessons include a focus for each month, recommendations for additional study, and a series of spiritual practices. The practices include postures, breath work, meditation techniques, and kriya ritual. Each lesson also includes an affirmation, prayer, and mantra for the month. In addition, you receive detailed instructions for each technique and a Sanskrit glossary that provides a quick and easy reference for the terms used in each lesson.