temple's recordings

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"Dreaming of Rama"

Dreaming of Rama is 40 minutes of devotion to Ram. The theme of Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram is woven through this beautifully presented mantra.


GURU pays respect to the Kriya Lineage through devotional music . These are exceptional selections to use when reflecting on your guru or the lineage. 9 mp3 recordings.

"Divine Connection"

The Divine Connection is a collection of traditional mantras beautifully performed by the Temple Musicians. See if one

speaks to you.

6 mp3 recordings.

"Mantra: Sounds of Transformation"

Mantra Sounds of Transformation is a collection of mantras performed by the Temple Musicians. The instruments and voices are exceptional. Experience the unique feeling of each mantra. 9 mp3 recordings.

"Reflect the Light"

Reflect the Light is a collection of modern compositions used for reflection and meditation. These could easily be used in a visual meditation session. 7 mp3 recordings.