“Asanas, Chakras, Nadis and Bandhas” 

Weekend workshop with Kim Schwartz

March 22-24

Friday: 6-8pm

Saturday: 9-11:30am & 1-3:30pm

Sunday: 9-11:30am & 1-3:30pm


This workshop will begin on Friday evening with a lecture on subtle anatomy. In this lecture you will learn how prana manifests in the microcosm of the body and the macrocosm of the cosmos. We will cover how prana moves through the subtle pathways [nadis] and is given predisposition by the life force centers called chakras. The purposes and practice of the pranic valves or locks called bandhas will be covered. 

The Saturday and Sunday sessions will employ pranayama and the pranic model of asanas to put this information into practice.

The Workshop is Full!

Please join us for Music Meditation