Wednesdays at the Temple


Join us Wednesday evenings for an hour of meditation in the Chapel. The weekly practice session includes gentle stretching, breathing practices, mantra and silent meditation. FREE and open to all levels. After the meditation, join us for questions and answers and tea from 7:30-8:00.

"Meditation is the art of inturning, focusing, and balancing the forces of your mind to a point of peace and tranquility. In the calmness of the meditative mind, all polarities are harmonized into a stillness, which is the wellspring of mental creativity. Meditation is a way of freeing the mind from past compulsion so that you might be truly "born again"; it is the art of touching the real you, beyond name and form, which is eternal, unchanging, and ever blissful."

                                       - Goswami Kriyananda

                                       - Beginner's Guide to Meditation