Winter Solstice festival 

Sunday, December 16, 2018

11:30 AM to 2:30 PM

FREE & Open to the public

Please join us for our Solstice celebration on Dec. 16. The theme this year is Compassion. We will have stories, reflections, music, ritual and our own Kriya Kringle will be paying her annual visit. Bring your friends and families.

The Winter Solstice has been honored and celebrated by ancient cultures from days of old as The Return of the Sun. It is the time when the the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky (the shortest day) after which it begins to rise, heralding the increase of daylight. It is a sacred time as it symbolizes rebirth. Holy Days and Holidays of many traditions have been linked to this time.

Our theme for the Winter Solstice celebration this year is Compassion. Our celebration will include:

Music and Mantra by the Temple Musicians

Inspiration by Swami Janakananda (William Hunt)

Astrology and Kriya Yoga: 2019 Planetary Patterns by Swami Adinadananda (Marcia Sacks)

A reading from Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol by the author, Tom Mula

Reflections on Compassion by Janice Nakashima

Solstice Ritual led by Swami Satpatyananda


(Available ONLY during the time of the Event!)

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2418 N Sawyer Ave, Chicago, IL 60647