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Classes begin September 21st-May 16th, 2019

About the Program

Our certification program is taught by a team of highly qualified Yoga Instructors who are committed to applying the principles of yoga to their own lives. Certified through the Temple’s program, they bring years of study, practice and teaching experience to the training.

Experience practical, hands-on training in hatha yoga while cultivating the theoretical knowledge necessary to take the rewarding step from student to teacher. You will be provided with the necessary tools and techniques to successfully teach a wide variety of students. Learn how to structure and create your own practice, develop greater control of your body and mind and gain an increased confidence in your abilities as a teacher.

This course can be one of the most important experiences of your life. Over the years the Temple has trained hundreds of students in the science of yoga. Many of these students are now using this knowledge to teach, to support themselves, to refine their own spiritual practice and to help others to develop a life of greater health, happiness and wisdom. By enrolling in this 8-month training program, you will reap innumerable benefits which will last a lifetime! Included are more than 30 lectures on philosophy by Goswami Kriyananda. Read More about the Program & Course Curriculum.

Those headlines are a few of the many positive comments about our program on Yoga Alliance's web site (see all the reviews here).



All interested in learning about yoga are encouraged to enroll. No previous yoga experience is required, though some knowledge of yoga is helpful.

We look forward to the opportunity of working together. We will be delighted to answer your questions in person, by phone, or email. Please feel free to contact us.


Tuition includes over 200 hours of training, along with books, MP3s and printed lessons. The tuition also includes free attendance to all general hatha yoga classes offered at the Temple for the duration of the program.

 Early Bird Paid in Full before July 21st $2,999

Paid in full before September 15th - $3,200

Payment Plan: $425 due at signup; then 7 monthly payments of $425 

Application process

Our 200 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training has begun on September 21st of 2019. If you are interested in applying for the next year’s teacher training program you may submit your Application now.

Returning Students

As a graduate of the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program at the temple you are invited to audit the next session of the HYTT. Auditing the program gives you an opportunity to deepen your personal practice and polish your teaching skills. 

Also the contact hours can be used toward Continuing Education (CE) Requirements set by Yoga Alliance (details at: https://www.yogaalliance.org/Credentialing/ContinuingEducation).

The cost of auditing the 200HYTT is as follows:

Individual class - $70

5 classes - $325 ($65 per class)

10 classes - $600 ($60 per class)