HYTT Program Instructors

Our certification program is taught by a team of highly qualified teachers who are committed to applying the principles of yoga to their own lives. Certified through the Temple’s program, they bring years of study, practice and teaching experience to the training. Each teacher is highly dedicated to your experience of the program, as well as to your development as a practitioner and teacher of Hatha Yoga.

AGNIESZKA MISKIEWICZ, E-RYT 500, has been teaching yoga for more than 15 years in the Chicago Area. She's a graduate of the Temple's 200 and 300 hour Teacher Training Programs.

She's studied postures extensively with Kim Schwartz, a Temple Maha-Swami and one of the foremost yoga teachers in the USA. She "loves teaching" and loves her students.

"I've been studying with Goswami Kriyananda since 2002, when I started assisting in the teacher training programs," Mishka says, "and for me they have been a true blessing and a life changing experience."

"I'm excited to share these techniques and concepts with my students to help them find greater joy and meaning in everyday life."

GOSIA RYZEWSKA Graduated as a 200 RYT with the 2007 in house teacher training.

Gosia Ryzewska is a devoted student of Kriya Yoga - (a path of self-study, self-control, purification, and meditative attunement). She seeks wisdom in every action and continues to deepen her understanding of yoga through study of Kriya, Hatha, Astrology, and Sacred Scriptures. Gosia teaches traditional Hatha with strong principles of alignment (bones and muscles are the starting points in hatha yoga), breath and mindfulness. Her gentle approach takes students on the journey through self- exploration of physical body, astral body, and causal body which is significant in developing a deeper understanding of transcending everyday consciousness. Gosia is certified Hatha Teacher. For many years Gosia was involved in apprenticing and assisting to the teacher trainings. She continues to enhance her personal practice and teaching skills with trainings, classes and workshops with locally and nationally recognized master teachers.